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Agree or disagree with the fact that the media today is brainwashing you, your opinions are always welcome -- we can discuss anything here, so tell me about it. I could be missing YOUR perspective. For instance, my first day back in LA, March 2000, was the day Robert Blake's wife, Bonnie Lee Bakley, got shot in a dark alley.

The shooting happened right after he parked their car and left her in the dark with the window down just so he could run a block away, back to the Italian restaurant they had previously dined at to drink some water and to pick up a gun he “accidentally” left behind at dinner. Does this at all add up to you? I'll bet some of you believed it, but others may have completely different theories as to what actually happened, regardless of his acquittal. In either case, this website allows us to debate the subjects that shape our very lives without judgment, and for fun.

If you have anything to say, have an article you want to submit, or maybe you just want to tell us how great you think we are, then please, drop us a line without hesitation. In terms of article submissions, we encourage unsolicited material, but reserve the right to publish and/or edit all contributions as we see fit, when we find time and only if we want to. Your submission should be at least 1,000 words but no more than 1,500 words -- we read your submissions personally.

Regarding any other type of contact, we do enjoy your compliments and fan mail, but please show some patience if you're expecting a response. Also, understand that the opinions expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher, contributors, nor readers. We post them with virtually no regard for pro or con perspectives because there are some things you just need to know, like it or not. And while we do not knowingly accept fraudulent submissions nor can we investigate all of them, we appreciate the feedback anyway. We are here to entertain and educate, not assume liability -- neither are you, understand? Okay, either drop us a line or submit your work.

ATTENTION:If you would like to send us something yourself, please feel free to but again, these articles are for entertainment and no matter what you decide to say, good or bad, odds are that it will never reach the original author if you are merely whining. Naturally, compliments and praise are always welcome.