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Don Lemmon’s Entertainment News Magazine

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    This entertainment themed website began ‘technically’ in February of 1998. Yes, that is a long time ago and I sometimes wonder how it survived for so long myself. Lord knows it makes so precious little sense when I take the time to think about it.

Beginning in a simple Hollywood office, we grew to hundreds of thousands of subscribers within the first 12 month period of time. Pretty amazing, right? Can someone tell me how that happened exactly? I know I did my job, but still… Clue me in! I suppose it has been all about giving readers what they want.

Possibly it was the variety of articles I have posted, the class of gossip I chose to publish… Or the gorgeous models who fought to be on our covers and all the musicians, actors, artists and other fun folks we’ve brushed elbows with.

Then again, maybe it was because we give two craps less about what the media tries to say is popular. Be honest… Do you really care who is in the latest arranged Hollywood marriage? Do you really think just because it is on the radio that the muscians are talented? Do you believe the hype behind every flipping diet that pops up? I know I don’t.

So Let’s Make A Few Things Known Up Front…

  • Pizzazz Magazine is a sometimes satirical publication but mostly honest periodical released online and in print since 1998 in one form or another, and quite successfully. Pizzazz Magazine is published by Don Lemmon, Inc. and he is the ringleader. This is probably why everyone here is afraid of him. Pizzazz Magazine is not intended for readers under 18 years of age but we really haven’t much control over that. Enter at your own risk.
  • Pizzazz Magazine’s Official Website allows us the freedom to publish various articles in regards to the subjects that shape us all. Sometimes those said articles also anger a few of you. It is best that you attain and maintain a sense of humor.

The Bottom Line Is This…

We are here to entertain and educate, not assume liability or worry about who gets upset… Neither are you. That means no part of this publication may be reproduced in whole or in part without hand written consent of the publisher, and if you want to belly ache about something; don’t. Understand? If you disagree with us, try asking yourself why.

Our Mission Statement Therefore Is…

  • We will tell it like it is and ridicule who deserves it.
  • We will motivate people to think differently.We will educate people to become doers and winners.We will not fall prey to media propaganda.We will welcome submissions if they are worthy.
  • We will see how out of control this gets before making excuses.

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