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Information Regarding Our Publication

Information Regarding Our Publication

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Publisher Don Lemmon

This entertainment themed website “technically” began in February 1998. That is indeed a long time ago. Beginning in a simple Hollywood office, we grew to hundreds of thousands of subscribers within a 12 month period. The success probably had a lot to do with the variety of articles posted, the class of gossip I published, or the gorgeous models who fought to be on our covers, and the celebrities we ended up brushing elbows with. Who cares? It's cool either way.

  • Pizzazz Magazine is a sometimes satirical publication.
  • Pizzazz Magazine is published by Don Lemmon, Inc.
  • Pizzazz Magazine is not intended for those under 18 years old.

Pizzazz Magazine's official website allows us the freedom to publish various articles in regards to the subjects that shape us, though sometimes said articles anger a few of you. We can't please everyone. Bottom line: we are here to entertain and educate, not assume liability or worry about who gets upset -- neither are you. That means no part of this publication may be reproduced in whole or in part without handwritten consent of the publisher.

Every organization has a mission or a reason for being, like addressing various issues. Sometimes, the same problems that the organization initially tried to address continue to haunt generation after generation. In that case, the organization's purpose doesn't change, although its modus of business has probably evolved. With time, a lot can change the landscape so the original mission must be updated and changed dramatically in order to address new realities, but that does not make the mission itself any different. Even if your mission is healthy and up-to-date, it doesn't mean that the organization has been able to translate the statement of your purpose unequivocally. A good mission statement should accurately explain why your organization exists, and what it hopes to achieve in the future, as well the organization's essential nature and work ethic.

After a long hiatus, now is probably a good time to review and, if necessary, rewrite our mission statement so you know why we are here…

1. What are the opportunities or needs that we exist to address? It's to cover all aspects of daily life in an entertaining manner.

2. What are we doing to address these needs? Is it posting usable information, current data, and lively articles on a timely basis?

3. What principles or beliefs guide our work? We each have different beliefs and principles, with no specific guidelines.

I could begin the process of drafting a new mission statement by creating a worksheet based on asking staff, volunteers, and readers to list anything that comes to mind with respect to us, giving everyone a chance to be heard. Here are a few suggestions.

The purpose:  To make a difference in the lives of everyone so they'll achieve their highest potential.

The business:  Advocate, resolve, and educate.

The values:  Exude confidence and competence. Be leaders and set standards of excellence. Strive for an understanding and respect for all races, religions, and cultures.

The problem:  We are here to have a good time, not to "heal" the planet!

Our Mission Statement Therefore Is . . .

  • We will tell it like it is and ridicule whoever deserves it.
  • We will motivate people to think differently.
  • We will educate people to become doers and winners.
  • We will not fall prey to media propaganda.
  • We will welcome submissions if they are worthy.
  • We will see how out of control this gets before making excuses.
  • Let's just get to the articles. Sound good?